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In 2020, Google announced it would phase out third-party cookies from Chrome browser over two years. Marketers have since been speculating on the negative consequences this could have on targeted campaigns and reaching new customers. Google Chrome accounts for 64% of the global market share, making it the most widely used browser that allows both first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies are integral for marketers to track users and deliver personalised ads to users around the web. While this will be a big change, it’s not all bad news.

The phase-out does not include first-party cookies. You will still…

More often than not, small businesses have limited budgets and resources devoted to marketing initiatives. As a business owner, you may already be wearing multiple hats-accounting, sales, operations, customer service or even marketing!

By using tools such as Google Analytics—which is free and easy to use—you’ll be able to answer questions you may not have previously been able to, using features that helps in driving insights.

  • Are your pages being visited by the right people?
  • Why do users spend more time on desktop over mobile?
  • Did your social media campaign drive more traffic on Facebook or Linkedin?

If it’s your…

The age of cookies as a means of tracking user behaviour is coming to an end as consumers are expecting more from big tech companies to protecting their privacy.

Not many will dwell on this-those that are most affected by this shift are advertisers and marketers. For years, advertisers and marketers rely on having insights into how their advertising efforts drive conversions and sales for brands. Companies such a Google is obviously aware of this and is looking at alternatives such as machine learning to prepare for this post-cookie future.

Last year, Google introduced a number of machine learning tools…

Apple gives users control over ad tracking but there are certain steps that you can take to minimise paid advertising disruptions.

iOS 14 delivered significant visual changes to our smartphones, but the most significant changes are centered around Apple’s focus on app privacy and activity tracking. The update-iOS14.5-which started rolling out in February, centers on ad tracking and grants users more control over their data.

The move has sparked a public debate between Apple and Facebook, with Facebook deeply concerned over how the update will impact ad targeting and tracking for the many small businesses that use its platform for…

Advertisers are increasingly using Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) and exchanges to purchase their online advertising, but what about publishers? What are supply-side platforms actually for? Here’s a quick overview of what SSPs are and what they actually do:

What is a supply-side platform (SSP)?

A supply-side platform is a software used to sell programmatic advertising in the digital space. SSPs are most often used by online publishers to help them sell display, video and mobile ads.

Shouldn’t it be a demand-side platform (DSP)?

Technically, yes. A supply-side platform is basically the publisher equivalent of a DSP. Where DSPs are used by…

The dark art of yield optimisation has produced a wide array of techniques for publishers eager to get the most money out of their inventory.

One of the most dependable techniques is “waterfalling”. Am approach that allows publishers to move their inventory of content from one market to the next to optimise for revenue or a set conversion. It’s a tactic that is difficult to implement at times, despite the promises of efficiency that usually is attached to automated selling.

Despite its implementation challenges, waterfalling is still a go-to strategy for publishers.

So, what exactly is waterfalling?

Waterfalling is a technique publishers use to maximise…

Building an audience is a big challenge and there’s a lot of work that goes into attracting visitors. But what about keeping them and how do we encourage visitors to stick around?

They came, they read …they left and never returned.

Not every exit is a bad thing, sometimes a visit led to a subscriber or a purchase and it’s time they moved on. More often than visitors leave right before taking an action.

Why do your visitors leave? Which exit links are they clicking? …

If you’re not that familiar with Google Tag Manager, you are probably wondering what it is and why you should use it. Let’s answer the most common questions around Google Tag Manager.

  • What is Google Tag Manager?
  • What is Google Tag Manager used for? Is it easy to use?
  • How is it different from Google Analytics?
  • Why should I use Google Tag Manager? What are the benefits?
  • What are the downfalls?

What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that enables marketers to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on our website or mobile app without…

As life and trends are moving faster than ever, marketing has no choice but to play catch up. But, it’s not always easy to determine what your customers want.

This is where data-driven marketing strategies come in.

Data-driven marketing strategies provide brands with a huge competitive advantage when executed correctly. They enable brands to identify what works and what doesn’t — all backed by numbers.

After all, gaining actionable insights from analytics and implementing them in real-time is what drives successful marketing campaigns.

But, let’s not hide behind buzzwords like “actionable”, “competitive advantage”, and “successful”. …

There’s Tik Tok with its short dance and lip-sync. Then, there’s also Instagram where you’ll find carefully cropped and filtered shots. But, with more than 1.73 billion daily active users, Facebook remains the reigning champion of social media platforms.

Facebook may have gotten its start by connecting friends and loved ones but savvy marketers know that the platform’s uses extend far beyond liking your friend’s engagement announcement.

From acquiring new customers to interacting with your current ones, Facebook can be one of the greatest and most powerful tools for your business today.

Think that that’s an exaggeration?

Well, let’s take…


Marketing leader in the tech startup space with a passion for building marketing systems for data-led decisions.

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